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US works with businesses of all shapes and sizes. Starting from startup businesses, community organizations, to experienced business professionals. Even though we cooperate with many parties who have different scales, US goals remain the same to build and facilitate access to ways of living and working that are increasingly comfortable in the future.

Ap Space

The best place to work and build community for the current generation


US provides services from start to finish. US also provides complete functional solutions for the needs of members or prospective members who need it.


Do you have unused land, house or shop? US could be a solution to make better use of the land. Together, we create a place that will help this generation have a hybrid lifestyle that suits their needs.


A good marketing strategy is the key to increasing awareness or sales today. US has an internal team that can help your business move faster, more effectively, and of course up to date.

US Property Partner

Community and Media Partners

Keeping up with the times, US also wants to work together to convey the aspirations of the current generation through collaborative programs with media players and the community. Together, US hopes that we can become a place to grow and develop together for a balanced work and life pattern that is beneficial for many people.

Working with US
Pietro Coffee
Jagad Event
Urala Communications
HRD Bacot
PIK Update

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