Our Philosophy

Right Space to Fit Your Needs.

Coworking and Community Area with complete facilities for all your needs. A space to work, gather, and build community for all, whether for business people, an innovator, or individuals who want to make an impact on the wider community out there. US has a variety of products that keep up with the times such as Private & Virtual Office, Legal Service, Coworking Community Space, Meeting Room, Event Space, which are spread across major cities in Indonesia.


Best Workspace to Increase Your Productivity

US is a workspace for everyone, whether you are just starting a company, you want to expand your social connections, to those who just need space to take a break from the routine.

Partnering with US

The US is open to working together for a more comfortable living and working ecosystem in the future. Let's grow together with US.

Be our partner

Why do you have to be with US?


US has a space that has many functions and is applied through our superior products such as Private Office, Event Space, Coworking Area, to Meeting Room.


Located in 3 major cities of Jakarta, Bandung, and Surabaya, US has the best workspaces that are easily accessible and supported by public and private transportation facilities.

and Innovative

US always offers products that match the times and continues to pay attention to every trend in every change that occurs.