About US

US is an intersection between ideas; between you and I, offline and online, individuality and community, work & life.

We provide physical and digital spaces designed to accommodate your needs, whether you’re starting a new project, growing your network, or just looking for a room to breathe. So that you can #MakeYourMark in your own way

Are we a coworking space?

Yes we have coworking product and facilities, which we called Pods by US. However, we have a lot more in our pocket; starting from virtual office, legal services, communal area, and more under development spaces which are coming to serve you soon enough.

What facilities are available?

High-speed internet access, ergonomic chair & desk, meeting rooms, printer & scanner, call receving & answering service, complimentary coffee & tea, spacious lounge room, 24/7 easy access, flexible plans, central location, projector & board, mail handling.

Are we open for any partnership?

Yes we do. We're opening up for every possibilities to work together with anyone who share the same value with US, as we believe in the power of community.


We want to provide the best space that suits your necessities, so feel free to connect with US.


Follow US to stay updated @betterwith.us. If you have any inquiry don't hesitate to Contact our Call Center
021 3111 8111.